Basic Information

5 days (40 hours)

Delivery Method:
Instructucor-led Classroom Training (ILT)

1 450 EUR / 39 900 Kč (Excl. VAT)

MCP Certificate on Windows Server 2012/2008 or equivalent knowledge

Related Certifications:
Helps Pass Those Certification Exams: MCSA: Windows Server 2012, MCP

Learning Objectives: 
To learn how to build a solid, scalable and interconnected Active Directory infrastructure as it works in a real small business environment

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Advanced Windows Server 2012 Administration
Course by Peter Gubarevich

This is an advanced Real-life scenarios Microsoft Administration Course, that teaches students how to Installing, Configuring and Administering Windows Server 2012, and targeted to meet the requirements of real world small business environment (up to 2000 hosts).

Advanced Windows Server 2012 Administration

Instead of present and replicate the content of thick manuals that are already outdated, the focus during the training session is to “let me show you how it is going in real life situation”. Students will see how it is built in real case. Instructor is currently managing 1000-pc network while managed another 1000-pc network before as well, and now is looking to implement Security for 3000-pc network; so, students will see, how they could and should build their real life Windows networks as well.

Target Audience:

  • Skilled systems administrators supporting 50 to 5000 PCs
  • First line, and second line IT support staff
  • IT Dept managers targeted to improve their IT infrastructure
  • anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the Microsoft Server infrastructure

During the course, an instructor shares his real-life experience and supplies students with the best practices in configuring and maintaining Active Directory and Windows Server 2012 services. Under instructor´s supervision, students build up and manage full-scaled Active Directory domain, focusing on practical configuration of the most demanded Windows Server 2012 features.

Course Content and Objectives

Day 1: Active Directory
Understanding Hyper-V Virtualization
Configuring Windows Server Storage Subsystem (Disks, Volumes, File Systems)
Configuring Windows Server Network Services (DNS, DHCP, Routing)
Installing Windows Server Active Directory
Managing Active Directory structure and Permission Delegation

Day 2: FileServer
Managing Active Directory Objects (Accounts, Groups, Organizational Units)
Understanding Permission Architecture
Implementing FileServer
Advanced FileServer Features (Shadow Copies, DFS, FSRM)
Dynamic Access Control

Day 3: Group Policy
Understanding Group Policy Processing
Managing Computers with Group Policies
Managing User Environment with Group Policies
Managing Printer Connections
Extending GPO to configure third-party Applications

Day 4: Application Deployment
Configuring Windows Server Update Services
Deploying Applications with WSUS Package Publisher
Deploying Workstations with Windows Deployment Services
Implementing Remote Desktop Services

Day 5: Security
Configuring Security with Group Policy
Configuring Audit Policies
Implementing Application Whitelisting
Configuring Certification Authority and dependable services (IIS, RADIUS, Smart Cards)
Configuring IPSec Policies
Distributed Active Directory network (Sites, FSMO Roles, Trusts)

Course Give Away:

During the course, students will learn how to configure scripts and so-called group policies that represents real-life scenarios. The results of their practical training can be applied in their everyday work. They will be also provided with a big USB disk with Virtual Machines to continue practicing at home.

Course Instructor Profile

Peter Gubarevich, MVP, MCT, CEH, CEI

Peter GubarevichPeter Gubarevich has had considerable Windows Server experience, working in the industry for almost 20 years. He received following professional and instructor grades: Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Certified Cisco Systems Instructor, certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI) and was awarded as Microsoft MVP: Enterprise Security and Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor.

The benefits of attending at this extraordinary course, as explained by Peter Gubarevich

'I am experienced pro in Windows, working in industry for almost 20 years; and being Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for 15 years. Thus, I have both real-life network/server infrastructure management experience and training experience as well. Working for a lot of companies, I see what Microsoft is missing in their courses; and what they put into courses which I consider to be not needed for most admins. That's why I took official Microsoft Windows Server 2012 MCSA Courses and have developed different and very practical view on those subjects, with focus on what are real-life requirements and needs'.