Basic Information

5 days (40 hours)

Delivery Method:
Instructucor-led Classroom Training (ILT)

2 000 EUR / 55 900 Kč (Excl. VAT)

Target Audience:
Security Officers, Risk Auditors, Pen-Testers, IT Administrators, IT Security Professionals and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure

Ethical Hacking Theoretical Knowledge, Networking / TCP/IP or Network+ / CCNA

Related Certifications:
Helps Pass Those Certification Exams: OSCP, ECSP, CISSP, CEH, CHFI, ECSA, Security+

Guaranted To Run Class

To Be Announced

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NEW Extreme Hacking!
Advanced Network Hacking & Exploitation
Course by Wayne M. Burke

This is an advanced hands-on security course designed and offered only in New Horizons Praha, straight to the point, that teaches students how to: build, break, fix and modify an array of dedicated hardware devices for Extreme Hacking! Focusing on hacking and exploiting: Wired, Wi-Fi and RF communication systems.

Rather than trying to stay current with ONLY theoretical concepts, we cover both, with 80% focus on practical deep dive advanced latest TTT (tactics, tools, testing) for strategic extreme hacking by use of a simple virtue: LEARN BY DOING IT.

Student Take Away:
Hardware, Software, and Learning Resources

Instead of thick books that are already outdated, our course material includes all the most important pieces of hacking hardware and software equipment, from mini mobile quad core computers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SDR and teensy HID USB adapters, which we will be utilizing through-out the 5-day course and after class as well.

Student Take Away Hardware, Software, and Learning Resources include:

  • Complete SWAT Hacking Hardware and Software Kit (see details below)
  • Hundreds of Gigs Resources
  • Student e-Workbook and e-Lab Manual
  • Centralized Learning Portal

Far too many Security Testers can only make a poor attempt at launching a script, that generally fails. Successful IT Security Professionals will agree that we have designed a learning solution, that’s most effective and successful to ensure you can keep up with the industry pace of rapidly changing technology.

SWAT Hacking Hardware Kit with Accessories

SWAT Hacking Hardware Kit with Accessories

Odroid C2 64 Bit - Quad Core Mobile System

Odroid C2 64 Bit - Quad Core Mobile System

SWAT Hacking Hardware Kit

SWAT Hacking Hardware Kit

In summary we will discuss each major aspect of a Penetration Test, further analyzing the theoretical impact and risk of the threat vector. After we complete the business security elements, we will build software and or hardware hacking tools, which we will use to perform the tests. Learn to establish, modify, merge and create the Penetration Testing Methodology that you will utilize for the project and perhaps to adhere to specific client testing requirements and objectives.

Course Content and Objectives

  • To build and customize your own Mobile Hacking System
  • Learn how and what cyber criminals utilize micro mobile computers for hacking
  • Build the hardware and software for a Wireless Mag-Stripe Spoof device
  • Latest Exploitation and Detection Bypass, threats, techniques and APT’s
  • USB hardware / software HID / Bad USB setup and Testing Attacks
  • Mobile Storage, Encryption, breaking and building your crypto
  • Software Defined Radios, Install, Customize and testing
  • Bluetooth, RFID, NFC and RF Hardware and Hacking
  • Network MITM Black-Boxes bypassing all sorts of encryption
  • Latest MITM: SSL / TLS / SSH / HSTS Intercepts
  • 802.1x NAC Bypass
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi Hacking, WEP, WPA/1/2, WPS
  • Enterprise PKI Wireless Networks
  • Small Business Wireless Network
  • Detection: GSM / CDMA IMSI Catchers / STINGRAYS in use by criminals

Course Take Away SWAT Hacking Hardware Kit Contents:

This course focuses on networking technologies and the most important areas of concern, with latest emerging threats. At the course we will teach you how to custom build your own SWAT style assortment of highly customized hacking tools, with the major objective: to leave the class with the practical ability to perform and test for the latest threats.

  • Odroid C2 64 Bit - Quad Core Mobile System with Case
  • USB Wi-Fi Adapter, 150Mbps, 4dBi External Antenna, WPS Button
  • DVB-T DAB FM, RTL2832U & R820T Tuner, Mini USB RTL-SDR & ADS-B Receiver and external 2dB Antenna
  • Tennsy 3.2 HID
  • USB SD / MicroSD reader/writer
  • 64 Gig MicroSD - Preloaded with Custom Linux Hacking OS for EH
  • Complete set: Components to build a 'Wireless credit card / mag-stripe spoofer” *CODE REMOVED FOR REAL FRAUD
  • Ethernet Cat6 Cross-Over Adapter and cable
  • USB Micro Power Cable for Odroid
  • USB Bluetooth adapter
  • Hard Case / Organizer for all your gear.

Course Instructor Profile

Wayne M. Burke

Wayne M. BurkeHe has had considerable hands-on IT Security experience consulting or lecturing, whether it was for Government Agencies, Healthcare Institutions, Financial and international companies.

His experience in the public / defense sectors is equally complemented by assignments undertaken for heavyweight world renowned corporations including Yahoo, Xerox, AT&T and Texas Instruments to name but a few. He is imminently qualified in his field in that he holds a string of professional qualifications in Networking to name a few (MCT, MCSE, Cisco, Network+) and IT Security (CIW-SA, Security+, CEH, ECSA, LPT, CHFI) besides a bachelor’s degree in science.

Wayne is currently the CSO for Sequrit CSI, responsible for the technical realm and security management, which includes consulting teams. He is a captain of a global operating group of penetration testers and security experts.

Wayne and his group have delivered Security assessments, Penetration Test assignments and customized training for International Corporations and many Government Agencies such as: EPA, FAA, DOJ, DOE, DOD + 8570: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, FBI and Statewide Law Enforcement Offices in the USA.

In Europe: NATO, Europol, MOD (Military of Defense UK) various EU Law Enforcement, Dutch Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice, local European Law Enforcement: UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark.

ASIA: Singapore Gov, Philippines’ Presidential Office, the Undersecretary, and Cyber Crime Police Specialist Unit. Jakarta, Tax Investigations Office. Various Malaysian Gov agencies. Plus Corporate and government bodies from Africa, and numerous Gulf locations to name a few. His office has become his next long haul international flight.

Wayne’s consulting and training undertakings cover specializing in Penetration Testing, Forensics, Security Expert Advisor and secure infrastructure design. His expertise include DMZ firewalls, Secure VPNs, EAP/TLS, PEAP, SSL, PKI, Smart Cards, Biometrics, IPSEC, IDS, Vulnerability Scanners, AV, Honey Pots, Audits, filtering policies, multi-layer encrypted file systems, patch management and deployments. He additionally develops customized and blended security curriculum.

Wayne is constantly engaged in helping businesses optimize their systems security vision. He is acknowledged as an expert consultant and trainer serving large organizations with cutting edge IT security. His wide range of all product experience has helped to develop his overall systems security knowledge. Wayne has a passion for tracing malicious hackers in pursuit of which he has had to grapple with issues, which are inextricably entwined in meeting the everyday challenges of information systems security.