Why cybersecurity training is crucial for any business

  • 3 June 2020
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Do you know who is the biggest enemy to any business? Do you know the biggest threat to any business doesn‘t need to come from outside, but from within?

Internal security threats

Internal security threats do not necessarily mean spies being sent in by your competitors to crash your business, just as we see in the movies; rather it can be your employees — the same people you have entrusted with the goings on of your operations. It’s not that they are plotting against business owners, and usually, they don’t even know that they are putting their employer business in danger.


The reason why employees are such a threat to any business has to do with something that we probably would never expect. What is it? Carelessness.

With just a click of a mouse, the staff could visit a site infected with spam and spread a virus throughout entire internal computer system or use the same password for their business-related accounts that they use for their personal accounts. Usually, they don’t mean to do any harm, but their carelessness can wreak havoc on the business they are working for and extensive and sometimes irreparable damage. In fact, the carelessness of employees could even end up costing business owners their businesses.

The reasons to pay attention to cybersecurity

For these reasons, it’s important or even more, it’s essential, for business owners to pay attention to cybersecurity. No matter how their businesses is attacked, the cost could be astronomical. In fact, it is estimated that the cost of cyber-attacks can exceed $30,000! Considering how easy it is for hackers to acquire sensitive information and the damage that they can do, cybersecurity training is vital for any business; in fact, it’s one of the best investments business owner can make.

Training for Every Cybersecurity Career Path with New Horizons of Prague

There are endless paths your cybersecurity career can lead you down. As the world’s largest IT & Leadership training company, New Horizons of Prague offers expert-led IT training to help you master sought-after skills and prepare you for the top cybersecurity certification exams, as well as awarenes training to help you to stay secure in online world.

Whether you’re end uer looking for awareness Training, or you´re just getting your feet wet in the IT industry or preparing to submit your résumé for a management position, New Horizons of Prague offers the hands-on cybersecurity training courses you need to accelerate your career.

Unsure which training course to take first? Contact us, or discover the best certification path for your career and goals using the New Horizons Cybersecurity Roadmap.


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