Cisco’s Taken Learning To The Next Level: A New Era For A New Network

  • 3 March 2020
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Back in June 2019, Cisco announced important changes to their training and certifications program in line with modern learning preferences. The day D was set on February 24, 2020. Here is all you want to know to stay updated.


Why Cisco’s taking learning to the next level?

Fundamentally, the network has changed. It’s intent-based and programmable, featuring multi-domain solutions and APIs. To fully leverage the power of the new network, it’s essential that IT professionals leverage software best practices, networking and software skills, and the community. That’s why Cisco’s taking learning to the next level, increasing the leadership, agility and value of learning programs to put the power of networking and software development into IT professionals’ hands.   

The new network, supported by new technologies and new skills 

Cisco has been leading a change in how networking is done for some time. And the network is rapidly evolving to include more and more critical capabilities. In the last few years, Cisco’s expanded their customers’ ability to leverage intent-based networking, multi-domain solutions, programmability and APIs. It’s a fundamental shift. And it impacts the work that IT professionals do. To unleash the full capabilities of the new network, IT professionals must become fluent in new software practices, networking skills, and software skills.  Two groups are key to this movement: network engineers and software developers.  

So what’s really changed, and what‘s not changed? 

What’s changed is that the certification and training program is tailored to fit the needs of the new network and modern learner preferences. New Cisco specialist, associate (CCNA), and professional (CCNP) levels has been launched. They’re integrating software programming and automation skills in these at every level. For all details visit New Horizons‘ New Cisco Certifications 2020

What has not changed is the value Cisco certifications bring. To IT managers, Cisco certified individuals stand out – they’re seen as more effective and more valuable than those who hold other types of certifications.  To individuals, learning and the strength of communities changes lives. 

Specifically as a CCNA, you’ll have a broader base of skills that are foundational to the future of networking.  As a CCNP, you’ll have more choices to hone in on one of five key technology tracks and on specific concentrations important to you.  As a CCIE, you’re the PhD of the IT realm, a key strategic asset to your business, a leader with an end to end understanding of the networking lifecycle. For software developers, the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate validates entry level programming and software development skills, Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist validates specialized automation and programmability skills, and the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional builds software development and automation skills and specialized skills in a concentration of your choice.  


Have questions? Download the Cisco 2020 Certifications FAQ!

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